Made of Food Grade Stainless Steel or ABS Plastic

A) Dining problem at Asian restaurants

Dining out is a delightful activity that brings joy to everyone. Nevertheless, it has become increasingly risky due to the potential exposure to harmful invisible elements, such as germs, bacteria, and viruses

This risk is present in all food establishments, including Asian restaurants around the world, where chopsticks are fundamental tools for consuming food, and yet no Asian restaurants provide chopstick rests at anywhere, making it challenging for diners to locate a safe and clean area to lay down their chopsticks on tables.


340mm/H x 215mm/W x 210mm/D

B) Solution : Carry a readily available chopsticks rest in your pocket or bag for safer dining and peace of mind.

FEATURES AND BENEFITS ; image-video_button could not load
  • LuckiREST can assist in providing a secure and comfortable dining environment, which is a top priority for all patrons seeking a satisfactory dining experience.
  • Until now, diners would often spend time brainstorming how to safely guard their own chopsticks without disturbing the table setting. LuckiREST eliminates this unnecessary hurdle.
  • Your own chopstick rest can easily be detached from LuckiREST with a single push and placed on the table to hold your utensils, including spoons if provided. This ensures a comfortable dining experience without worrying about where to place your utensils. LuckiREST would make an excellent travel companion for exploring Asian countries, where chopsticks are the predominant utensils used for enjoying meals at all Asian restaurants.
  • After finishing meals, simply hook the chopsticks rest back onto LuckiREST and store it in your pocket or bag for future uses. With LuckiREST, you can relish a hassle-free dining experience anytime and anywhere forever.